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Arabian Oryx Camp offers some of the best camel riding in Muscat. We are specialists in Oman for the following:

  • See the Heart and Soul of Oman

    Welcome to Hot Air Balloon Oman! The ideal approach to take it easy and take in Oman's splendour is to take a hot air balloon flight there. Gliding over the desert while admiring the splendour of the sunrise, experience the romance of a balloon flight.
    You will be able to observe numerous fauna, such as camels, oryx, gazelles, and more, in the desert from a great height as you float through the air with the warm breeze. Enjoy your family's balloon trip above the Desert as you search for lush oasis, date plantations, and the surrounding desert vista.

    • Fly across Oman’s clean sky while you take in the breathtaking sunrise.
    • Enjoy the desert's unsurpassed splendour and record the moments.
    • Take advantage of the chance to photograph a peregrine falcon and tell others about the encounter.
    • With a knowledgeable and professional pilot, enjoy a secure and safe flight.
    Why Not to Miss a Hot Air Balloon Ride?

    The majority of people get worried about their health when they reserve one of the many hot air balloon trips, but interestingly, doing so can have some surprising advantages. This makes it an activity that may help you maintain your health in addition to being enjoyable.

    Inflating and Deflating the Balloon - The greatest hot air balloon businesses frequently allow their customers to assist with the inflation and deflation of the balloon. When you consider the size of the average hot air balloon and the distance one would have to go to unpack, roll out, and then pack again, it's easy to say that both of these activities constitute a strenuous workout.

    Up in the Air-Of course, being in the air is also very beneficial for overall health. As you are aware, hot air balloon rides expose you to more fresh air than you would typically find on the ground. Numerous advantages include an increase in energy, the production of more serotonin, the hormone that makes people happy, and the promotion of an overall feeling of wellbeing.

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  • Star Watching and Night Safari

    A private night safari through the desert, followed by an immersive star watching, is the greatest way to learn about the Arabian night sky. After a private night-time tour and nocturnal eco-walk, explore the desert. In the meantime, your knowledgeable Conservation Guide fills you in on further aspects of desert nightlife. The perfect way to cap off the evening was to have a professional astronomer take everyone on a tour of the galaxy while narrating stories about the starry sky and how the Bedouin used it to navigate.

  • Romantic candle dinner top of the dunes

    With our wild camping in Oman, you have everything you need to enjoy a romantic evening with your special someone: privacy, romance, and delicious food. Starting in the evening is our exclusive dinner tour. In the Oman Desert, you may go sandboarding, dune-bashing, and have a special private dinner. Enjoy the tranquil atmosphere and calming surroundings the desert has to offer. Before you leave the desert for the city, take in the peace of the desert at night while spending time with your special someone.

  • Sunset or Sunrise with Camel in Desert

    On this desert safari in Oman at dusk or sunrise, climb aboard a camel for an exciting journey into the desert. Explore breath-taking destinations in the vast deserts, such as seclusion palm groves and oasis settlement. On guided trips, you can dress the part and take pictures against the dunes while wearing traditional clothing and a headscarf.

  • Sandboarding in the Dunes

    Welcome to Oman's stunning sand dunes. Sandboarding or sand sledding can be enjoyable with the proper equipment and circumstances. Here are some pointers for having a fun and secure time sandboarding or sledding at the Great Sand Dunes. Don't waste time on cardboard, soft plastic, snow sleds, or saucers. On dry sand, these won't slide.

  • Dune bashing sunset or sunrise tour with 4*4 jeep

    We provide Dune bashing dusk or sunrise tour with a 4x4 jeep for those looking for an adventure tour in Oman. Here, you can select and reserve one of the suggested tours as per your interests.

  • Quad bike tour in desert

    If you are looking for a thrilling adventure of a lifetime, then quad bike tour in the desert in the right choice. This activity will give you the chance to ride a potent ATV vehicle over the dunes while taking in the breath-taking desert scenery. Put on your safety gear, have your cameras ready, and sprint through the breath-taking desert!

Why Choose Us?

Our pilots are top-notch professionals with years of flying expertise and countless hours of flight time. Arabian Oryx Camp is committed to making all flights fun, exciting, and packed full of memories that will last a lifetime.

  • Private Location

    Each trip begins on a private launch field at our balloon port site. The best place to see our lovely balloons launch is in our store. When our balloons are in the air, families are welcome to visit.

  • World Class Pilots

    The crew and pilots have a thorough understanding of how balloons operate. Additionally, the team members take safety extremely seriously, allowing you to kick back, unwind, and take in the enjoyment. The captains at Arabian Oryx Camp have many hours of expertise and extensive local knowledge, providing passengers with an excellent flight and ensuring that they view the best sights.

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