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In Oman, wild camping is one of the greatest ways to appreciate the outdoors. There are a lot of best camping spots in Oman. You might become more aware of your surroundings in the solitude and silence. Almost everywhere in Oman permits wild camping, so you may spend amazing evenings on the beach, in the mountains, or even in the desert! In general, Oman is a pretty safe country, thus there are no issues with wild camping.

Tips to Help you make the most of your tent Stay:

  • 1. Pick a suitable camping location. Make sure you are mindful of your surroundings when choosing a place to camp. Camping away from cliffs, waterfalls, and other potentially hazardous areas is advised. Additionally, make sure to locate a flat area big enough for your tent.
  • 2. Arrive ready. Pack all the essentials, such as tents, sleeping bags, food, water, and flashlights. It's also crucial to keep in mind that it will probably turn chilly at night, so don't forget to take some warm clothing and blankets.
  • 3. Be Respectful to Nature.

Why Choose Us?

One of the best Oman private desert camp is Arabian Oryx Camp. We are proponents of eco-friendly travel, and it is our goal to protect Oman’s natural world, wildlife, and cultural heritage. The essence of what we offer is authenticity, and the success of our Desert Safaris depends on refining every aspect of them. As a result, we make sure that our Desert Safaris respect the nature, culture, and history of this wonderful country. Experience the magic of the Oman desert with a modern touch by embracing modernity. These Desert Safaris, which are part of the most exclusive collection, redefine rustic luxury and let you enjoy the desert in style. We take pride in offering the greatest adventures we can. For discerning travellers who demand the finest standard of care and attention to detail, we established our Arabian Oryx Camp.


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